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    “Black and minority ethnic groups”….what does that mean?

    It was a term coined in liberal circles here in the UK as an umbrella term for Afroic people, Asians and other ethnic minorities as a collectively disadvantaged group.

    What happened to it?

    It was abbreviated to BME.

    What then?

    Asians distanced themselves from the term as they said they did not want to be called “black”, a term they sometimes  used in reference to themselves in the 1970s and 80s.

    They wanted to be described by heritage.

    That was accepted.

    So the term “BAME” – “black and Asian minority ethnic groups ” was born and came into use.

    What do we infer from this?

    1) Asians wanted to emphasise their separate ethnic identity, which is fine.

    2) More importantly, we see that another population group also sees colour descriptions as nondescript as BORC does.

    Both BME and BAME are unsuitable terms. We believe  “ethnic minority populations” is far better.

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