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Heritage describes people as humans – 'colour' doesn't.

Why we agree with Trevor Phillips’ critique on the British “multiculturalism” model

Have a listen here to this broadcast on why he changed his mind on the British liberal concept of multiculturalism.

We particularly share his view that that model has only ever expected the British ethnic minorities, in our case people of African descent, to play role of victims, and to speak from that perspective, i.e. we are only expected to be seen, and heard, first and foremost as “black” and  “black = victim/disadvantaged/oppressed/put upon” .

This has been the only contribution to societal debate that “the liberal establishment” has ever expected us to make when we are asked to speak on the airwaves or otherwise, including Mr Phillips himself whenever he has spoken on race and society. He makes the observation that, in these circles in the UK, as soon as he moved away from the victim role, then not only was he ostracised, but worse, labelled a racist. To many of us, that has been a familiar experience. Racism takes many forms. The European “liberal” mantra “Speak only in the role of a victim. If you don’t, we won’t like you.” is just another.


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